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10:30 - 11:30


Collective Genius Unleashed: Mastering the Hot Seat for Breakthrough Solutions

Dive into the heart of collaborative problem-solving with a transformative workshop on the "Mastermind Hot Seat" protocol. This engaging session is designed to empower participants with the skills and strategies to harness the collective wisdom of their peers, turning the spotlight on shared challenges and unlocking innovative solutions. Through a dynamic, hands-on approach, you'll learn the art of the mastermind—how to effectively participate in and facilitate a hot seat session, where the focus is on tackling your most pressing issue with the support and insights of your colleagues. Whether you're seeking fresh perspectives on an old problem or innovative strategies to navigate new challenges, this workshop promises a unique opportunity to leverage the group's genius, ensuring you leave with actionable solutions and a deeper connection to your professional community. Join us to transform your number one challenge into your next big opportunity, mastering the power of collective intelligence in the process.

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