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2:15 - 3:15

BREAKOUT SESSION 3A & 4A (Must Attend Both)

See, Hear, Believe: Moving Beyond  Behavior

An experience of trauma can be one of being unsafe, unseen and unheard. Oftentimes when we experience abuse and neglect, we develop survival strategies (fight, flight, freeze) and then we enter systems that are stuck in old models of thinking so they label us “behavior problems.” This session is designed to bridge the gap between what is observable, our behavioral patterns, and what is not, our nervous system states that drive our behavioral patterns. We will work with participants to see what’s not so obviously there, hear what is not clearly being said and ultimately believe when someone is in a state of distress and meet them in their moment vs. “managing or controlling behavior.” See, Hear, Believe is a practice that we can develop to start offering more safety in the relational space between us and our kids/students/clients. 

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